My name is Randy Smith and I am a freelance illustrator and cartoonist living in Arkansas. Besides my graphic arts background, I have extensive experience in video production and photography. For the past 35 years I have been creating useful designs/illustrations/videos/animations for advertising, education and business/industry training.

A few years ago I met a fantastic young teacher, Dustin Smith. He was my granddaughter’s first grade teacher and he’s very talented and dedicated, the kind of teacher you wish every child could have. He is one of the most creative young men I have ever known and I am fortunate to be working with him producing educational apps. We bring different talents to the creative table and we hope you enjoy the results.

Our goal is to help teachers be more productive with the small amount of time they have during the day to work with their students. We also want to help make learning fun for the children.

Our first app is called Win A Spin, a tool to help teachers reward good student behavior. Our second app is “The Subitize Tree.” It’s designed to help students become “Master Subitizers.”

Our latest app is called “Running Record Toolbox.” It’s purpose is to help teachers save a little time evaluating the reading skills of their students.¬†We’re working on other ideas, all centered on giving teachers tools that will help them in their classrooms. If you like our apps please leave a comment at the app store. Thanks for your support and thanks for dedicating your life in service to our most precious resource – our children.